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柏麗美容 Park Lane Beauty

本公司從2003年在多倫多開業至今,超過20年經驗幫助大多市華人解決肌膚問題。透過高端儀器和歐洲美容產品,我們專業團隊致力為客人持續年輕及健康的外貌。位于萬錦市華人商場 Denison Centre 裡面 (1661 Denison Street Unit B7)

服務範圍包括: 高級皮膚護理,半永久紋綉,激光祛斑,祛痣,祛脂肪粒,超聲刀,激光永久脫毛 等

Established in Toronto in 2003, Park Lane Beauty has been providing top-quality skincare services to our clients for over 20 years. Our team of experienced estheticians are dedicated to using premium European skincare products and the latest beauty technology to take care of our clients' skin. We offer a wide range of services from facials, body massage, laser hair removal, HIFU, laser mole/skin tag removal and much more!

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週一至週日 Mon-Sun: 11am - 7pm

1661 Denison Street Unit B7, Markham

         Inside Denison Centre 裡面

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